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Posts by Paul Forgey

Riverfront Trail to Chehaw Park

FRT Sign-Riverfront-Chehaw

Another critical connection is between the northern end of the Riverfront Trail at Cox landing to Chehaw Park. This segment is only a mile long but provides a safe route along busy Philema Road. It will go under the bridge across Lake Worth and loop back up to the north side of Philema where a…

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Rail Trail to Riverfront Trail

FRT Sign-Rail-Riverfront

May 2018 Update The next link is the connection from the end of the Albany Sasser Rail-Trail to the Riverfront Trail. This short segment would continue along the railroad right-of-way for another mile where it would join the Riverfront trail just south of the Oxford Environmental Park. The connector trail requires a bridge to span…

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ASU to Radium Springs

FRT Sign-ASU-Radium

May 2018 Update The next few projects are critical links to the Flint River Trails system. While generally not destinations in their own right, these trails are important because they connect various component trails to downtown Albany. The first of these is the Albany State University to Radium Springs trail. By the summer of 2019,…

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ASU to Downtown Connector

FRT Sign-ASU-Downtown

May 2018 Update Dougherty County, in conjunction with the University of Georgia Board of Regents, is building a 1.7-mile multi-use trail from the southern end of Albany State University’s east campus to downtown Albany. The 12-foot wide concrete trail will run along the berm between the ASU campus and the Flint River and under both…

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Radium Springs Trails

FRT Sign-Radium-Springs

May 2018 Update Radium Springs is a community in southeast Dougherty County centered on a natural spring of the same name that flows into the Flint River. The general project area includes the spring itself, the former Radium Springs Golf Course, the surrounding natural area, and Skywater Creek which flows from the spring into the…

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Rail Trail to Downtown Connector

FRT Sign-Downtown-Connector

May 2018 Update With the Albany to Sasser Rail Trail ending about half a mile north of Tift Park, it is essential that trail users have access to additional destinations, particularly downtown. The central idea behind the Flint River Trails Masterplan is to connect a network of trails that will link the entire community. The…

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Albany to Sasser Rail Trail

FRT Sign-Albany-Sasser

May 2018 Update The Albany to Sasser Rail Trail is being built by the City of Albany and will be complete by spring of 2020. The trail follows the right-of-way of an abandoned rail line that heads northwest out of Albany through western Lee County and on to Sasser in Terrell County. The trail will…

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The Flint River Trails Master Plan

FRT Sign-Master-Plan

May 2018 Update The Flint River Trails Masterplan was developed in 2016 to take a comprehensive look at the potential of developing a countywide (and even multi-county) trail system. Not just a stand-alone trail, but a network of interconnected trails for a variety of users including runners, walkers, cyclists, equestrians, mountain bikes and non-motorized boaters.…

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