Rail Trail to Downtown Connector

Downtown Rail Trail Connector

Downtown Rail Trail Connector

May 2018 Update

With the Albany to Sasser Rail Trail ending about half a mile north of Tift Park, it is essential that trail users have access to additional destinations, particularly downtown. The central idea behind the Flint River Trails Masterplan is to connect a network of trails that will link the entire community. The Rail Trail to Downtown Connector trail will be an important link in this network. Connecting the southern end of the 13.62-mile Rail Trail to downtown Albany will create about 18 continuous miles of multi-use trails. This includes the 2.5-mile Riverfront Trail.
The Rail Trail to Downtown Connector is being designed and built by the City of Albany and will also be complete by spring of 2020. It will have a trailhead facility at the end of the Rail Trail on North Monroe. This will include parking, restrooms, and drinking water. From here it will head south along Monroe through Tift Park and then east along 4th Avenue to Jackson Street, where the trail heads south into downtown. At Roosevelt, the trail will turn east toward the historic railroad complex at Thronateeska Heritage Center. From here, the trail goes around the historic 1913 Union Station depot where it joins an existing trail which leads to the Flint River and the Riverfront Trail.

Rail Trail to Downtown Connector Project Plan

Project StageComplete ByEstimated Cost
DesignComplete by March 2018$3,000,000
ConstructionComplete by March 2020$3,000,000